Zooi - Vepa the furniture factory


Accessoires made from waste

100% Dutch

Zooi is a 100% Dutch brand that makes home accessories from waste. All products are designed and manufactured in the Netherlands.

The residual material from Vepa is also used to make new home accessories for Zooi.


Circular products

Eye-catching items with a story to tell, that is what this is all about. Being aware of what you are doing on this planet, that is how you contribute. On a small scale, but still. You have to start small.

Since the Zooi products are made from residual materials, the range and supply varies from time to time.

Check out the webshop at Zooi for all available products.

When making desks we regularly have leftover pieces of sheet steel.

Shelf Guus is made from this residual material.

Candlestick Theo is made from residual tube material which we use for our column leg tables, among other things. Just like vase Maud.

Candlestick Wim is made from leftover material from both chairs and tables.



Nice items from leftover material, that makes us happy.
Residual material is an excellent basis for small, timeless accessories.
And they are beautiful too.