wooden furniture, a down-to-earth choice…

Vepa has consciously chosen to manufacture wooden furniture, and in doing so, we are leading in the project design market. Where other materials, such as iron ore and oil need centuries to produce resources, trees only need 20 to 50 years to do the same. There is no material like wood that can be produced with such a minimal amount of energy.

Combat climate change

use wood

Life Cycle Assessment

An LCA conducted by independent research company IVAM demonstrates that our wooden cabinet uses 40 to 70% less CO2 compared to a standard steel cabinet. Wood from sustainably managed forests will always grow back and won’t leave any polluting residual materials in the environment.

54 KG CO2
wooden cabinet manufactured in the Netherlands
156 KG CO2
steel cabinet manufactured in the Netherlands
209 KG CO2
steel cabinet manufactured in China
Picture 013
Picture 013

A wooden cabinet with a PEFC or FSC® certificate is a most eco-friendly choice. FSC® and PEFC certified wood is from sustainably managed forests so that the forest itself will remain. This applies to all the wood processed by Vepa. And that is a lot since Vepa prefers wooden cabinets and drawer units over steel ones.

IVAM is a research agency in the field of sustainability and affiliated with the University of Amsterdam. For more information see www.ivam.uva.nl.

FSC-certificaat (plaatje van pag 1)
PEFC-certificaat (plaatje van pag 1)

Table tops made from honeycomb structure

30% lighter and equally strong

No, our honeycomb tops are not made by bees, but we did observe them closely. Our lightweight tops are made from old paper, using much less resources and energy. Surely that makes the bees happy.


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