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Sustainable design

At Vepa we design our furniture as circular as possible. Circular design encompasses both the sustainability of the existing range and the design of new, sustainable products.

Design to maintain, repair and disassembly are terms that are regularly used when referring to sustainable design. A large part of a product’s sustainability is determined during the design phase. Our products are designed to last, they are timeless, easy to maintain and modular so that individual parts can be easily repaired or replaced.


Most of our furniture is modular in design. This means that parts are interchangeable for various products and we can easily replace any broken parts of a product.

For example, the cross tubes of our tables have a modular design. We can use the same frame construction for every table, in any size. We can simply replace a defective part instead of replacing the entire product.

Timeless design

Sustainable design also means that we design products made from sustainable materials with a timeless design. Our chair 400 for example. Designed in the sixties and still a part of our chair range. The back and seat are made from sustainable wood and the frame is made from recycled steel. The chair exudes nostalgia, but is often used in modern and sustainable project designs.

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