Social Return

“It is in our nature to feel social responsibility, not just for our own employees, but also for those outside our company. We like to keep it tangible and practical. We do things because we want to, not because we must. We create labour in a responsible manner by not outsourcing work to low-wage countries. We launch new initiatives that create more employment locally. In spite of the growing unemployment rate during the economic crisis, we have grown from 105 employees in 2009 to 140 employees today.”

we invest in education

Educational institutions such as the Alfa-college, Drenthe College, Hanzehogeschool, Deltion College and the Praktijkschool Emmen, hold a special place within our organisation. These are the institutions that focus on the most fragile groups. In addition to several Training on the Job (BBL) and School-based pathway (BOL) students, we proudly offer a regular position to a dozen or so students from a senior secondary vocational education. This is how we contribute to increasing their personal opportunities in the labour market.


we invest in social organisations


Social organisations that support people in reaching their personal goals or just provide a little happiness or support along the way can count on our support. We usually do this in-kind by donating furniture. Whether it’s the living rooms of the Woongroep 2000 in Apeldoorn, the intake area of the Ronald McDonald house at the VU medical centre in Amsterdam or the meeting area of the Bart de Graaff foundation in Ede. We do this without conditions or compensation.

we work together with sheltered employment companies

Sheltered Employment companies such as Larcom, Metalis, Emco and Reestmond have been a structural partner of Vepa for decades. Instead of outsourcing work to low-wage countries or other commercial companies, we prefer these social partners. We have a number of people working with us today who have re-joined the labour market in this way.

In-Made is the production company of the Dutch Custodial Institutions Agency. They have partnered with us to offer employment and education to detainees so they can learn a trade and reintegrate successfully into society. We have invited In-Made to commit their expertise and capabilities to the realisation of the government contract ‘PI Zaandam’.

we recruit people rejoining the labour market

People with unemployment or disability benefits have a larger distance to the labour market. We want to increase the labour participation of this group. Therefore, we actively recruit people that want to return to work from unemployment or disability.

made in Holland

Made in Holland is our label, which means that all of our products are developed and manufactured in the Netherlands. In our own factories, supervised by us and with a clear view of the processes. This means that Made in Holland is more to us than just a label.

Over the last years our staff has grown from 105 to 140 employees, 95% of which have a permanent employment contract. We have achieved this by consciously refraining from outsourcing to low-wage countries, for both corporate social responsibility and sustainability reasons.

we select our suppliers

When we choose our business relations we look at both the commercial and moral side of a person or organisation. When entering into relations these aspects should coincide with our own values, such as:

  • compliance of laws and regulations in the country concerned;
  • adequate rewarding of employees, no exploitation and the creation of a safe and healthy work environment;
  • compliance with the ISO 26000 guideline;
  • compliance with the fundamental ILO treaties;
  • respect for the individual orientation, physical characteristics or beliefs of employees;
  • take adequate measures to protect the environment as much as possible.

Our supply chain is completely transparent and the ILO standards are obvious for us and our suppliers. Code of Conduct is always a part of our supplier selection. It contains agreements on Corporate Social Responsibility and specific working conditions.

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