Renewi - Vepa the furniture factory


Producing without waste.

In 2018 we expressed the desire to be waste-free in 2020. We have been monitoring our residual flows for years and although the vast majority of our residual flows was converted into new raw materials and green energy, there was still a part that was labelled ‘waste’. Until 2018. In the same year that we expressed our wish, it turned out that we had also achieved this milestone.

This is shown in the image that demonstrates our waste profile. We have achieved these beautiful results by working together with Renewi (formerly known as Van Gansewinkel).

In 2019 15% of our residual material was immediately redeployed as a new resource for other products.

83% served as raw material for green energy and 2% of our residual materials was converted into heat, power and energy on combustion. In doing so, we avoided 1,158 tonnes of Co2 emissions.

An unrivalled achievement in this industry, of which we are very proud.

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