Recycling of wood

Vepa is firmly en route to a waste-free factory. In the series “Sustainable Solutions by Vepa” we demonstrate how we innovate, think and above all act sustainably. We replace harmful resources with sustainable alternatives, manufacture under excellent working conditions, use local suppliers and think of solutions for our own waste. That is how we ensure that the trash bin stays empty.

This video explains in detail how we do this with our wood waste.

Preferring wood over steel

We use a variety of resources when we manufacture office furniture, such as wood, steel, fabric and plastic. We always prefer wood over steel. Wood is renewable since new trees can be planted. The environmental burden of wood is also lower than that of steel. Furthermore, we only use FSC® of PEFC certified wood that is harvested locally and sustainably.

residual material

Residual material is re-used

By using optimisation programmes and clever programming we have very little residual material left after sawing the wooden sheets. Nevertheless, it cannot be prevented that we are left with residual material when we manufacture desk tops and cabinets. We have a smart and simple solution for the larger residual pieces. Residual strips are sawed to shape and used in new products.

Sheet material of waste wood

The remaining, smaller pieces of wood are gathered in a large bin. These smaller pieces are shredded into sawdust. Currently, this sawdust is processed elsewhere to new chipboard. However, this sawdust is also the basis for our own sheet material which is already in development. This innovation will not only be a solution for our own residual material, but also for that of others. More on this later.

residual material

Bodies from residual material

Larger pieces of residual material are the perfect basis for the frames of our Units benches and poufs. We only use high-quality materials, making the residual material also suitable as a construction material. Since the product is going to be upholstered, the colour of the wood used for the frame is irrelevant. One bench can be made with wood of a darker colour, and the other can be made with a lighter colour; depending on the residual material that is available. This makes every product unique. The frames are fitted with the right type of foam and upholstered by our craftsmen. That is how we make circular products with the best quality.

Research never stops

The research into the processing and development of new circular initiatives never stops. Currently, we are researching the possibility to make lamps from chipboard waste, sheet material from hemp, roadside grass and/or old furniture and the powder coating of wood. We collaborate with other companies under the title Green Furniture Circle. Positive developments with a beautiful and sustainable product as a result.


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