Work environment
A large part of the success and continuity of Vepa can be attributed to our employees. One of the conditions for our success is a stimulating work environment. Vepa offers its employees ample opportunities to learn and grow as a person. Our employees are proud of their company, the brand Vepa and our products. And it shows. There is very little turnover and remarkably low absenteeism. The working atmosphere of Vepa offers room for input and personal responsibility of employees. Vepa invests in education, a healthy work environment and proper rewards, such as an annual share of the profit. At Vepa, a lot of attention is devoted and priority is given to norms and values. Treating people both inside and outside the organization with respect.

Elmar Mertens + Eef Knol-klein

Sustainably produced in the Netherlands
The principles for determining the sustainability policy go beyond the guideline ISO 26000 Social Responsibility. The international guideline aims to provide organisations with a normative framework for the implementation of corporate social responsibility. However, ISO 26000 is merely a guideline and not a certificate that can be assessed objectively. A guideline that mostly considers the changing local circumstances. Vepa goes beyond that: the standard for production and transport of all products, resources and services must, at all times, at least comply with European laws and regulations.
By deliberately keeping the production in our own factories in the Netherlands, Vepa is already a substantial step further. But we believe that we can always do better and we are open for any kind of improvement.

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Each year, Vepa donates a part of the profit to activities that benefit the local community as well as an annually different charity.
An area to live pleasantly. Where living, working and relaxing go hand in hand. That is what we all want. Vepa, being one of the larger companies in Hoogeveen, feels a strong connection to these aspects. The donation policy is one of the instruments we use to make a concrete contribution. Examples are NL Doet and the Stichting Voedselbank Zuidwest-Drenthe (Foodbank Southeast Drenthe).

In addition to the local community we also support a number of new charities each year, so a group in need of help can benefit from our assistance for a long period of time. Recently we have donated furniture to the Ronald McDonald house at the VU Medical Centre. In the past we have supported the Bart de Graaff Foundation. The Bart the Graaff Foundation helps Bikkels, young people between the ages of 15 and 35 with a life-determining physical limitation, to start their own company.

In 2012 we have supported Energy4All, a foundation committed to helping children with an energy metabolism disease. In 2011 it was the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF) and we facilitated the fun-filled visit of 30 children from Belarus to the Animal Park in Emmen. Other examples are Cultureel Centrum Theater De Tamboer (Cultural Centre Theatre De Tamboer), Bethesda Hospital and the Stichting Voedselbank Zuidwest-Drenthe (Foodbank Southeast Drenthe) as well as the “Make a Wish” Foundation Netherlands, a volunteer organisation that fulfils the greatest wish of children aged between 3 and 18 with a life-threatening disease. In 2008 and 2009 we have supported the Stichting Apeldoornse Woongroep 2000 (Apeldoorn Living Group 2000 Foundation), a foundation that encourages young adults with a mental disability to live independently.


Environmental policy should be more than making promises for the future. Vepa makes the concious choice to only present the achieved results. And they are substantial.

Made in Holland
The entire manufacturing process of Vepa is carried out in our own factories in the Netherlands. The production process and the products comply completely with Dutch health & safety and environmental legislation. It goes without saying that Vepa has been ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified for many years. Products are manufactured near the market, resulting in a massive reduction in fuel consumption. Vepa has an in-house transport company, allowing for efficient transport. Our own trucks, all with a Euro-V engine, a soot filter and special silent tires by Michelin. The best we can do at the moment.

Product development
Product development at Vepa is based on the Life Cycle Assessment method. Throughout the entire process of purchase, manufacturing, building and green space maintenance, transport, use, reuse and recycling we are well aware of the impact on humanity and environment.

Sustainable forest management FSC® and PEFC.
Vepa processes mostly wood with the PEFC or FSC® certificate. In addition, we have made the conscious decision to only use wood originating from Western Europe. PEFC and FSC® are both labels appointed by the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (Netherlands Enterprise Agency) as part of the sustainable procurement practices for the government.


Chairs with European Ecolabel
Vepa processes textiles with the European Ecolabel. This means that the textile is demonstrable eco-friendly. The Ecolabel promotes the use of recycled fibres and stimulates the use of organic cotton.


Vepa supports “De Vrienden #vanhout” campaign
Wood is the number one resource of the past, present and future! Wood is a sustainable, strong and beautiful natural material that has no equal. The Vrienden #vanhout (Friends #ofwood) want to eliminate common misconceptions on the harvesting, use and sustainability of wood by showing the Netherlands on television, through social media and the website what the use of wood means for people and their surroundings. The Vrienden #vanhout want to spread their love of wood to the consumer. Vepa supports this action and is therefore a Vriend #vanhout.


Sustainability, use, reuse and recycling
Vepa’s furniture doesn’t emit fumes or chemicals that are hazardous to man or environment. Materials can easily be separated by using basic tools, after which a recyclability of nearly 100% is possible. The furniture has a longer lifespan thanks to quality, timeless design and modular assembly. You can easily create new desk configurations. Waste and loss during the production process of both wood and metal are 100% recycled. All furniture is transported fully assembled and protected by packing blankets instead of disposable packaging. Blankets are returned and reused for 100%.

Even our wood waste generates green energy
All of our wood waste is transformed into green energy. We supply it as fuel for a special incinerator, EVI. It burns wood, then produces steam and subsequently generates green electricity.
EVI is one of the cleanest and most modern installations in Europe and we are proud of our partnership. Besides, EVI is located a mere 20 kilometres from our factory: that saves on transport!


Vepa is a stable partner with a very solid financial basis. The “rating 1” of Dun & Bradstreed is a confirmation of that. A “rating 1 company” demonstrates all the signs of a healthy, strong company with a minimal chance of bankruptcy and steady payment behaviour.

The six families of shareholders involved accord greater importance to continuity than to personal financial gain, with stable turnover growth and healthy and sustainable margins as our goal.

Our most important asset
Our people are our most important asset. Vepa has a good working atmosphere, we are no-nonsense and practical and proud of what we are achieving together. Not just proud of the products but also of the annual growth in revenue and profit. For us, it is only natural that all our employees share in the annual profit.

Sustainability in economically challenging times
Independent from the situation on the economic market, we are committed to sustainability and we remain focused on our strategic sustainability targets. Investments in sustainability are increasingly paying off. The days in which sustainability efforts were traditionally aimed at the improvement of results regarding safety, health and environment are behind us. Today, sustainable entrepreneurship is also directly related to improving profitability. Take, for example, investments in energy efficiency; not only do they save money, they also contribute to a better environment. From a strategic point of view Vepa is convinced that the current turmoil will not push the importance of the global social trends to the background. Quite the opposite: the turmoil underlines the importance of sustainable solutions.

Sustainability is more important than ever!

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