Our ambitions - Vepa the furniture factory

Our ambitions

We have great ambitions when it comes to sustainability. We want to be the leader in our industry. And let’s face it, aren’t we already?

“We have great ambitions when it comes to sustainability.
How we do this?
Simply by starting and going one step at a time.”

We are honest and open

We are 100% transparent in our sustainability goals.
We share our results and are honest and open about our processes and the materials we use.

We make tomorrow work. For nature and the environment.
For our customers with their own ideals and goals.
For new generations: the employees and leaders of tomorrow.
For our people, who we like to see healthy and happy.

Ambition #1
We invest in sustainable innovation and development

We continue to invest energy, time and money in modern production methods, innovative raw materials, greener energy use and cooperation with education, suppliers and producers in the Netherlands. This way, we keep our environmental impact 100% transparent, our production is verifiably less harmful and we do our bit for society.

Ambition #2
We are committed to a completely waste-free business operation

Obviously, we only use 100% recyclable materials from the region and reuse all our residual materials in several innovative ways. And our refurbished furniture? Already it is almost indistinguishable from new.

We have been monitoring our residual flows for years and although the vast majority of our residual flows was converted into new raw materials and green energy, there was still a part that was labelled ‘waste’.
Until 2018. As of 2018, our location in Hoogeveen is ‘waste-free’. We expect Emmen to follow in the near future.

The image above shows the waste profile of the Hoogeveen site. We have achieved these beautiful results by working together with Renewi (formerly known as Van Gansewinkel). In 2020 15% of our residual material was immediately redeployed as a new resource for other products.

83% served as raw material for green energy and 2% of our residual materials was converted into heat, power and energy on combustion. In doing so, we avoided 1,136 tonnes of Co2 emissions. An unrivalled achievement in this industry, of which we are very proud.

Ambition #3
We eliminate all harmful materials and scarce minerals from the production process

Already, we work mainly with sustainable materials from our own country. We use wood waste to press table tops and leftover steel to make accessories. We are mindful of the planet and focus intensely on people. Health, vitality and well-being are of paramount importance to us.

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