NN Workspace 2020 - Vepa the furniture factory

NN Workspace 2020

NN Workspace 2020 is probably the most circular and ambitious project ever!

Circular director

For the new – circular – office design of the buildings in The Hague and Rotterdam, NN was looking for a partner who would take on the full management and realisation of this project. From project design and strategy to completion and maintenance. Nationale Nederlanden chose Vepa and the Fair Furniture Group because of good previous experiences and our intrinsic motivation.

We renovated the workplaces at two locations with a total of 24 floors for more than 4,000 employees. More than 90% of the materials are reused.

“Nationale Nederlanden chose us as circular consultant and director for the loose furnishings for the renovation of their buildings in The Hague and Rotterdam.
We had not handled anything on such a scale before, but the result is fantastic.”

Harvesting and furnishing

Meanwhile, the renovation is progressing steadily, with the two locations – together 45,000 m² over a total of 24 floors – being ‘harvested’ in phases and then refurbished. This means that everything that leaves the building is repurposed in the new work environment. This transformation must be completed within 2.5 years, while NN remains in business.

We have already proven that we are a flexible partner. Because of the pandemic, we had to redesign floors and entire wings during the project in order to be ready for the ‘post Covid-19’ era.


This project was unique in that we were employed as consultant and director for the loose furnishings. The share of new furniture is minimal. This mind shift reflects our transition and the non-traditional organisation of the wonderful Workspace project.

From the initial phase to the final design, we worked with various suppliers, movers, architects and project managers to come up with a design that was as circular as possible and to make maximum use of all sorts of ideas from the field. We worked with 12 partners on the renovation of the Haagse Poort and Delftse Poort. You can see which partners are involved on the online construction board.

Healthy and sustainable

Health and sustainability are the two key elements in the Workspace 2020.

The interior must meet the WELL V2 Platinum standard, with the aim of 100% circular renovation with 0% waste. Reuse is preferred over recycling furniture or purchasing new products. All aspects of the project, including products, services and logistics, were made measurable with LCAs translated into environmental cost indicator scores.

Before the renovation


“Thanks to the overwhelming success in The Hague and Rotterdam,
we are now also being employed as a circular director
for the revitalisation of properties in Arnhem and Amsterdam.”

After the renovation

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