MVO-Nederland - Vepa the furniture factory


In the Frontrunner network of MVO Nederland (CSR Netherlands) we work together with the most ambitious and driven entrepreneurs in the circular economy.

Vepa is – just like Albron, Greenchoice, Triodos and Interface, among others – a member of the Frontrunner Network ofMVO Nederland.
Members of this network distinguish themselves with future-proof ambitions to work together across sectors and determine the rules of play for the new economy.

In other words, we:

  • work towards a zero CO2 footprint;
  • develop and implement circular business models;
  • procure sustainably based on social and sustainable criteria;
  • commit to preserving and restoring the environment and biodiversity;
  • increase the social value of our business activities;
  • develop and support sustainable innovations.

Several times a year, we host various events with and within the network.
Would you like to know more about our activities? Feel free to contact us!
a fair furniture company