CSR - Vepa the furniture factory


Adding value to people, planet and profit.

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are sometimes used as synonyms.

Although there is a lot of overlap between the two concepts, we believe that CSR deserves special attention. We define CSR as: ‘the integral vision on entrepreneurship, in which we create value in economic (profit), ecological (planet) and social (people) areas.’ CSR is part of all business processes.

In every decision, a balance is made between different interests: the interests of the individuals, companies and organisations involved.


A large part of the success and continuity of Vepa can be attributed to our employees.

We attach great importance to standards and values. Treating people both inside and outside the organisation with respect. One of the conditions for this success is a stimulating work environment. Vepa therefore offers its employees every opportunity to learn and grow. There is very little turnover and remarkably low absenteeism.

We invest in educations, a healthy work environment and proper rewards, such as an annual share of the profit.


Sustainability and circularity may still be a novelty for some, for us it has been a conscious choice ever since our establishment in 1971. As the only manufacturer of project and office furniture, we still produce all our products in our own factories in the Netherlands, using the most sustainable raw materials available.

For us, producing in the Netherlands means that we offer employment in the region, that we are able to adjust our machines optimally so that few raw materials are lost and that we produce our products close to the sales market. As a result, we use considerably less fuel to deliver the products to the end user than other manufacturers who produce their furniture in Asia.

We produce under excellent working conditions, use local suppliers and think of solutions for our own waste. We also make new furniture of other people’s waste.

Duurzame energie

Een aantal jaar geleden hebben we onze footprint laten berekenen. Deze bleek zo laag dat wij geen CO2-uitstoot hoeven te compenseren. Toch leveren we een extra bijdrage om de klimaatverandering tegen te gaan.

Het dak van onze fabriek ligt vol met zonnepanelen en de energie die we inkopen is uiteraard groen. Tevens zijn er warmteterugwinningsinstallaties geïnstalleerd, hebben we volledig elektrische auto’s en is er in het hele pand energiezuinige verlichting aangebracht.


Vepa is a stable partner with a very solid financial basis. The six involved families of shareholders accord greater importance to continuity than to personal financial gain, with stable turnover growth and healthy and sustainable margins as our goal.

Our people are our most important asset. Vepa has a good working atmosphere, we are no-nonsense and practical and proud of what we are achieving together. Not just proud of the products but also of the annual growth in revenue and profit.

Sponsorship Plastic Whale

We sponsor organisations that fit our organisation.

This can be in the form of an annual contribution, but also by providing new furniture.

For example, we have been sponsoring a boat owned by Plastic Whale since 2018. We regularly go plastic fishing to clean up the Amsterdam canals.

Sponsorship de Vergaderfabriek

De Vergaderfabriek is the first commercially 3D printed building in Europe.

The Vergaderfabriek (Meeting Factory) is a co-creation of various industries where Vepa supplied the furniture.

The circular form, the use of sustainable materials and the technology on the inside of the building are unique. For this reason traditional building was not an option.

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