Circular Economy

We embrace the philosophy of a circular economy in which resources are recycled as much as possible with minimal use of energy and transport. In the current linear system resources are converted into products that will be destroyed after their technical life cycle. Unlike the current linear system, the circular economy minimizes the destruction of value.

Our professionals manufacture products with a timeless design and high quality in our own factories in the Netherlands. We have applied the philosophy of circular economy within our own organisation. Our products have been designed in a way that allows them to be reused at the end of their technical life cycle. We achieve this by separating the resources, enabling reuse, revitalisation, recycling and certified green energy. Our activities regarding circular economy can be divided into five subjects:

  • resources;
  • energy & transport;
  • reuse & revitalisation;
  • recycling & sustainable energy;
  • pay for use?

More information on our activities regarding circular economy can be found in the brochure ‘Circular Economy’.

RESOURCES We have chosen wood as our main resource. Advantages of wood against resources such as steel and plastic are the local accessibility of wood and the relatively low amount of energy that is required to make wooden parts for our products. Wood can be easily revitalised, it is completely recyclable and at the end of the various cycles it is also suitable as a sustainable resource for certified green energy. Finally, wood is a sustainable material when it is categorised as PEFC or FSC wood.

“European forests account for 95% of all wood applications in Europe and these forests have grown by 15% between 1990 and 2005.  This area equals the country of Greece. This growth still continues by more than 1.6 million acres per year.”

ENERGY & TRANSPORT We manufacture all of our products in the Dutch province of Drenthe, from wood panel, steel tube, steel sheet and fabric to final product. We don’t outsource to low-wage countries, therefore, we require less transport and we reduce our CO2 emission. Moreover, production and development in our own country provides employment locally.

In the concept of a circular economy the resources remain property of the producer and the products will be returned for optimal recycling. Our factory is fully equipped to recycle wood, fabric and steel.

As from 2012, 96% of our waste flow is recycled or it supplies green energy. Since 2018 this number has risen to 98%. In addition, 0% of our residual material is called waste. This is shown in the image that demonstrates our waste profile. We have achieved these beautiful results by working together with Renewi (formerly Van Gansewinkel Waste Management).


In 2012 we asked the Technical University of Delft to calculate our total environmental impact or footprint. The results were minimal, meaning we didn’t need to compensate CO2. Nevertheless, we installed heat recovery systems in our spraying department in 2013 and 2014, we also placed 283 solar panels on the roof of our factory and installed energy-efficient lighting in our factory and offices.

With the production method of a circular economy we like to stay owner of our products and resources. That is why we offer to take back, rent and lease our furniture. We guarantee free take back of furniture at the end of its lifespan. When renting or leasing is preferred, we keep everything in-house, without involvement of a lease company or bank.

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