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Circular Centre

Why throw stuff away when it’s still good enough to use again?

It’s a shame to throw things away.

That’s why Vepa has a Circular Centre in Hoogeveen in addition to the factory and the office.
In this centre furniture is assessed, stored, disassembled and renovated.

Circular heart

This centre is the circular heart of Vepa.

There is a lot of furniture in our revitalisation centre

These could be items from a test stand, discarded furniture from a customer, wrong orders or exhibition stands that will be used again.

Furniture without a specific destination will be disassembled after a few months.

Disassemble and renovate

The furniture is disassembled to component or raw material level. Since our furniture is designed circularly, we can reuse it at product, component and raw material level and only minimal actions are required to separate parts.

There are a lot of ways to renovate furniture but the essence always remains the same: the refurbishment of the furniture. This refurbishment is accomplished with a quality standard that is at least as high as a new piece of furniture.

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