Actions speak louder than words

Vepa is more than ISO 26000
The principles for determining our sustainability policy go beyond the guideline ISO 26000 Social Responsibility. The international guideline aims to provide organisations with a normative framework for the implementation of corporate social responsibility. However, ISO 26000 is merely a guideline and not a certificate that can be assessed objectively. A guideline that mostly considers the changing local circumstances. Vepa goes beyond that: the standard for production and transport of all products, resources and services must, at all times, at least comply with European laws and regulations.

By deliberately keeping the production in our own factories in the Netherlands, Vepa is already a substantial step further. But we believe that we can always do better and we are open to any kind of improvement.

“Environmental policy should be more than making promises for the future. Vepa has consciously made the decision to present only those initiatives that have been successfully implemented so far. And they are substantial.”





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