365 Capital - Vepa the furniture factory
Photography Bram Vreugdenhil

365 Capital

Amsterdam (NL)

365 Capital is an independent private equity firm with a focus on medium-sized and well-positioned companies, headquartered in or near the Netherlands. They actively support portfolio companies in improving profitability and accelerating growth, both autonomously and through acquisitions, in order to realise long-term value. 365 Capital provides them with strategic support, financial resources and relevant internal and/or external industry expertise.

Fokkema & Partners’ interior design provides optimal support for their desired way of working, encourages cooperation and maximises the potential of the building’s interior.

The working environment is based on natural materials with a lot of green and robust detailing. Ypsilon fits perfectly within this environment. It underlines the somewhat raw, homely atmosphere and gives a rhythmic structure to the work zone for both concentration and cooperation.

Ypsilon was designed in creative cooperation with FOKLAb. It is a flexible system that optimally supports both standing and sitting work. Design, function and ergonomics merge perfectly in Ypsilon.

Photography Bram Vreugdenhil


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