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Vepa products

At Vepa, standard is never standard. If wishes and needs change constantly, why should an office be unchanging? According to your wishes and technical requirements, and in collaboration with you and/or the architect, we manufacture the ideal interior.

The entire manufacturing process of Vepa is carried out in our own factories in the Netherlands. As a result, technical and design requirements and wishes can be easily translated into a customer-specific concept.
Sustainability is highly valued at Vepa. Vepa processes mostly wood with the PEFC or FSC® certificate. In addition, we have made the conscious decision to only use wood originating from Western Europe. PEFC and FSC® are both labels appointed by the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (Netherlands Enterprise Agency) as part of the sustainable procurement practices for the government. Vepa processes textiles with the European Ecolabel. This means that the textile is demonstrable eco-friendly. The Ecolabel promotes the use of recycled fibres and stimulates the use of organic cotton.

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