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Felt gives waste material a second life. The end of 154 PET bottles is the beginning of every Felt chair. A modern chair made from a unique material: recycled PET bottles. 154 PET bottles receive a second life in each tub. From PET bottle to Felt tub is a process of ‘upcycling’. This makes the chair extremely suitable for circular furnishing concepts. Besides being a sight for sore eyes, this innovative material also benefits the environment. The sound absorbing ability is an additional positive feature.

Felt for a homely atmosphere

With its wooden legs Felt gives the room a homely atmosphere. This homely atmosphere can be further enhanced by combining the Felt chair with table Skeef. The chair can be given a nice accent by providing the legs with a colour lacquer.

Plastic Whale by Vepa

The Felt chair proudly carries the Plastic Whale by Vepa label. This sustainable chair –  made from recycled PET bottles – is fully in line with the philosophy of Plastic Whale. Therefore it is part of the newly created Regular Collection. By purchasing the Felt chair you will not only receive unique, recycled chairs, you will also support Plastic Whale’s mission for plastic-free waters. Part of the turnover of this collection is directly available to the organization. Read more about the Regular Collection here.


Our recycled Felt chair is also available in duotone. To specify: the colour on the inside of the tub will be light gray, while the outside can be given a colour of your choice: mandarin, turquoise or cocoa.

The duotone coloured tub emphasizes the design of the chair. By giving the seat cushion the same colour as the outside of the tub creates a more beautiful chair as well as seating comfort.

Unique, because no other felt chair is made of 4 layers of PET felt. Felt not only has the strongest, but also the most exceptional tub.

Because of the stable construction a wide variety of models can be realised. Each frame has its own characteristics and comfort. Felt is versatile; from meeting room to living room and perfectly suitable for project use.

Product information

  • seat shell made of 100% recycled post-consumer PET bottles (approx. 154 pieces)
  • shell in uni-colour (light grey and anthracite)
  • shell in bi-colour: exterior choice from 3 colours, interior light-grey
  • 4-legged frame wood or metal, wire frame metal, cantilever frame metal, 4-star base fixed, 4-star base with wheels


  • Oeko-Tex certified PET-felt
  • metal components frame epoxied: colours in accordance with colour charts ‘Epoxy and lacquer Core collection’ and ‘Epoxy and lacquer Trend collection’
  • fabric choice cushion various fabric groups; in accordance with colour chart
  • wooden components stained or lacquered: colours in accordance with colour charts ‘Stain’, ‘Epoxy and lacquer Core collection’ and ‘Epoxy and lacquer Trend collection’
  • colour choice seat shell; colours according to colour chart “Felt”

For the complete specifications of chair Felt: see product sheet under “Documents”


  • seating cushion fabric group (available for all models Felt-xxx-20)
  • gliders (SLD/SLB) or felt gliders (HF/SLD/SLB/KV)
  • levelling gliders or felt gliders (VP)
  • soft wheels, grey (KVV)
Stain colours

Stain colours

Epoxy and lacquer

Epoxy and lacquer COREcollection

Epoxy and lacquer TRENDcollection


Felt Colours






Stamskin TOP






Main Line Flax






Steelcut trio


Gaja Classic

ISO 9001 – EN

ISO 14001 – EN



Felt – NEN EN 16139

Hemp & Felt – BS 5852 (crib 5) – EN



LaserTec edge finish

Felt brochure

Felt Tub – product sheet

Felt Fine – product sheet

Felt High – product sheet

Felt – product sheet

Upholstery matrix

Felt – maintenance advice

Felt is designed, developed and produced in Holland.

Made in Holland: Vepa distinguishes itself by producing everything in its own factories in the Netherlands. Our wood, steel plate, steel pipe, powder coat, wood spray, upholstery and final assembly department form a complete production line within one company.

LCA: By using independent life-cycle assessments (LCA) we create insight into the environmental impact of a product. By carrying out an LCA during the first stage of product development, following designs are easier to improve in a later stage. In addition, an LCA also provides insight into the most important factors that contribute to environmental damage. These factors are used as starting points for redesign or as focal points for improvement. The LCAs are executed in accordance with ISO 14044.

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