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Felt Relax

Like all other products in the Felt family, Felt Relax is made of pressed Felt from 100% recycled post-consumer PET bottles

The name says it all. This chair is made for relaxing. The shell of the Felt Relax is available in two versions: with and without headrest, and there is a choice of
three different frames.

The cushions in the back and seat have a different firmness
and composition, which results in optimal seating comfort. The indentations and folds of the felt shell guarantee that optimum strength is created with very little material.


Felt Relax

The video illustrates the development of this beautiful chair.

4-star base

The 4-star base adds a whole new dimension to sitting. The beauty of this version is that the chair can be rotated and automatically returns to its basic position when you stand up. What a neat feature. As standard, the star base is coated in one of the many available colours. Would you like a more elegant look? It is also available in polished aluminium.

Wooden frame

The Felt Relax with a wooden frame provides a homely feel and can be stained and lacquered in a wide variety of colours. The felt shell is supported at four points and seems to float in space.

Tubular frame

The tubular frame of the Felt Relax has a minimalist and slender appearance. We use the same tube thickness as the Felt Fine and this frame is also available in various colours.

Shell versions

The shell of the Felt Relax is available in a low and a high version for optimal relaxation. Both chairs are designed in such a way that we can fill the seats with sound-absorbing and comfortable cushions. In addition, the chairs are modular. This makes it easy to replace the frame, shell or seat cushion.

For the shell of the lower version we use 260 recycled PET bottles, the shell of the higher version is made of at least 311 recycled PET bottles.




Part of the Felt-family

Felt Relax is part of the Felt-family. This family consists of the Felt High, Felt Fine and Felt. The Felt Relax is a wonderful chair to relax in. A gorgeous and sustainable range of armchairs suitable for any setting.



Supporting a mission

All versions of the Felt Relax feature the Plastic Whale logo.
By purchasing one of these chairs, you also support Plastic Whale’s initiatives for plastic-free waters.

Product information


  • seat shell made of 100% recycled post-consumer PET bottles (approx. 260 pieces in version without headrest and approx. 311 pieces in version with headrest)
  • shell in single-colour (light grey and anthracite)
  • available in two versions: with and without headrest
  • metal tube frame, tube 16 mm
  • four-legged beech wood frame round 50 mm
  • four-star base frame rotatable with auto-return
  • seating cushion upholstery set (available for all models (Felt-xx20 and Felt-xxx20)
  • headrest upholstery set
  • materials are not glued together and are therefore easy to disassemble and recycle at the end of their useful life


  • metal components epoxied: colours in accordance with colour charts “Epoxy and lacquer Core Collection” and “Epoxy and lacquer Trend Collection”
  • wooden components stained or lacquered: colours in accordance
    with colour charts “Stain”, “Epoxy and lacquer Core Collection” and
    “Epoxy and lacquer Trend Collection”
  • fabric choice cushion various fabric groups; in accordance with
    colour chart

For the complete specifications of chair Felt Relax: see product sheet under “Documents”


  • plastic glides
  • felt glides
  • polished frame (KV)
Stain colours

Stain colours

Epoxy and lacquer

Epoxy and lacquer COREcollection

Epoxy and lacquer TRENDcollection


Felt Colours







Main Line Flax




Steelcut trio

Gaja Classic

ISO 9001 – EN

ISO 14001 – EN



Hemp & Felt – BS 5852 (crib 5) – EN



Red Dot

Felt Relax – product sheet

Felt Tub – product sheet

Felt Fine – product sheet

Felt High – product sheet

Felt – product sheet

Upholstery matrix

Felt – maintenance advice

Felt Relax is designed, developed and produced in Holland.

Made in Holland: Vepa distinguishes itself by producing everything in its own facilities in the Netherlands. Our own wood, sheet steel, tubular steel, powder coating, wood spray, upholstery and final assembly departments form a complete production circle within a single company. By producing close to the sales market we keep distances small and CO2 emissions minimal.

LCA: By using independent LCAs (life cycle analysis) we reveal the environmental impact of a product. In product development we can greatly improve later designs by carrying out an LCA in the initial phase. In addition, an LCA also provides insight into the main factors responsible for the environmental damage. We then use these factors as starting points for redesign or as focal points for improvement. The LCAs are carried out in accordance with ISO 14044.

FSC® and PEFC™: Vepa only uses certified wood. The FSC® and PEFC™ labels stand for responsible and sustainable forest management. Responsible forest management meets three criteria: it takes account of the environment, respects social aspects (such as the rights of local communities and forest workers) and is economically viable. Moreover, wood is the number one bio-based resource by nature.

TPAC (Timber Procurement Assessment Committee): Timber to be supplied or timber processed in products to be supplied must comply with the Dutch Procurement Criteria for Timber according to the Socially Responsible Procurement criteria. FSC® and PEFC™ are both systems that have been approved by the Dutch state secretary.

SRP criteria: Vepa complies with the SRP criteria drawn up by the central government. The national criteria for socially responsible procurement (SRP) for office furniture are available via the SRP criteria tool (https://www.mvicriteria.nl/en/webtool).

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