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6 feet office solutions

It’s not yet certain when exactly the rules concerning ‘social distancing’ will be relaxed. What is clear, however, is that for the coming few weeks, we should keep in mind to keep a distance of one and a half meters. (Different guidelines may apply to your country. Be sure to check the website of your national health service for specific guidelines.) That’s why it’s better prepare for it!

How will we manage everything while keeping the advised one and a half meters of distance in mind when we get back to the office in a few weeks? Employers can rearrange their offices and workplaces and instruct staff on how to work differently.

Vepa is happy to help with that. With information, tips and practical tools.

Below are some practical solutions. But we can do more. View all solutions in our special brochure.

Practical solution 1

Practical situation: limit accessibility to workplaces.

With iotspot, Vepa can support you and your employees to keep the necessary distance of one and a half meters in the office. By using marking and signaling in the iotspot app every user will know what to expect.

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Practical solution 2

Practical situation: A possible solution with raised partition walls and additional screens made of transparent plastic or solid panels.

Workplaces with Vepa InBetween partition walls can be raised with additional transparent plastic screens or solid panels. These fit perfectly on the partition walls. This increases the walls to 160 or 180 cm. There are several variations so that everyone can work safely and healthily.

Check all solutions in our special brochure.

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Practical solution 3

Practical situation: A possible solution with artificial leather covers.

Workplaces with Vepa’s InBetween walls can be raised with an upholstery cover. This fits perfectly over the partition walls. This raises the wall to 63 inches (160 cm). Moreover, we make the cover of artificial leather so that it is easy and quick to clean.

Check all solutions in our special brochure.

Interested? Please contact your dealer manager or account manager. Or call our sales department at T +31 528-297111.

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Interested? Please contact your dealer manager or account manager.
Or call our sales department at T +31 528-297111

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