Units bench

Whether it concerns the design of a restaurant, school or office; train benches are indispensable in the current working environment.

Units train benches by Vepa fit perfectly with the vision of smart working. By combining the benches with column tables, mobile folding tables or Vepa cocoon tables an attractive arrangement can be created.


Connecting the benches and creating many different setups is easy.

Product information


Lounge bench with a modern design.

Units benches feel at home in every environment and are ideal for restaurants, schools and offices. Because Units benches can easily be combined with other Vepa products, a good setup can be made for every room.

Units benches can be connected by means of a linear connecting system.

Seat height of the Units bench is 45 cm, seat depth is 46 cm. See the pictures below for all other sizes.

Options and accessories


  • Height: 105 cm, 120 cm.
  • Width: 140 cm, 180 cm.
  • Back wall: upholstered or melamine.
  • Corner bench.
  • Double train bench.
  • Plinth: anthracite. Other colours are optional.
  • Set of linear connectors.

Brochure (1462 kb)

Units train bench - 3D-DWG (1857 kb)
Units train bench - Vector works (2552 kb)

Units bench is designed, developed and produced in Holland.

Made in Holland: Vepa distinguishes itself by producing everything in its own factories in the Netherlands. Our wood, steel plate, steel pipe, powder coat, wood spray, upholstery and final assembly department form a complete production line within one company.

LCA: By using independent life-cycle assessments (LCA) we create insight into the environmental impact of a product. By carrying out an LCA during the first stage of product development, following designs are easier to improve in a later stage. In addition, an LCA also provides insight into the most important factors that contribute to environmental damage. These factors are used as starting points for redesign or as focal points for improvement. The LCAs are executed in accordance with ISO 14044.


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