InBetween freestanding partition walls

InBetween is a partition range with its own unique system. The collection consists of intermediate partitions, front mounted partitions, top mounted partitions and freestanding partitions. A metal frame with soft edge finish. The partition walls are fully upholstered.

The acoustic filling used in these walls is called Re-felt. Acoustic Re-felt filling not only creates a visual but also a sound absorbing partition. Moreover, the Re-felt filling is a sustainble choice because it is made from residual material from our own upholstery department as well as recycled workwear.

Our Re-felt mats have excellent sound absorbing qualities. Better than conventional and less sustainable solutions. That is why we use this in all our acoustic walls. New products made from residual material, that is what we like to see! And the beauty of it all: after use we make new Re-felt mats from the old ones. That way, nothing is ever wasted. Smart, right?

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Various feet

The freestanding partition walls are available with three different kinds of feet. A mobile stabilising foot, a fixed stabilising foot or an adjustable foot with spacer. The different kinds of feet can be combined.

Connector pole

All freestanding partition walls can be connected by means of a connector pole. This can also be done afterwards. The connector pole has a pre-punched shape on four sides.

Product information


Acoustic freestanding partition walls

  • The partition wall can be fully upholstered in a fabric and colour of your choice.
  • The partition wall is 3 cm thick and (available in) 120 or 140 cm high. These heights include the stabilising foot (mobile) and/or spacer.
  • Length: 82,5, 92,5, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180 and 200 cm.
  • All freestanding partition walls can be connected with a connector pole. This can also be done at a later stage!
  • Partition walls of 120 and 140 cm cannot be combined.
  • Partition walls of 120 cm high can also be connected with partition walls of 67 cm high.
  • Fitted with acoustic Re-felt filling.
Options and accessories


  • Partition fitted with Re-felt acoustic filling.
  • Stabilising foot, epoxied in colour.
  • Stabilising foot with wheels, epoxied in colour.
  • Coupling pole, epoxied in colour.
  • Coupling screw on wall partition.
Colours and fabrics

Fabric choice freestanding wall partitions

Epoxy and lacquer


InBetween freestanding wall partitions are designed, developed and produced in Holland.

Made in Holland: Vepa distinguishes itself by producing everything in its own factories in the Netherlands. Our wood, steel plate, steel pipe, powder coat, wood spray, upholstery and final assembly department form a complete production line within one company.

LCA: By using independent life-cycle assessments (LCA) we create insight into the environmental impact of a product. By carrying out an LCA during the first stage of product development, following designs are easier to improve in a later stage. In addition, an LCA also provides insight into the most important factors that contribute to environmental damage. These factors are used as starting points for redesign or as focal points for improvement. The LCAs are executed in accordance with ISO 14044.


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