Folding table - freestanding

Movable folding table

With its elegant form the movable folding table is ideal for furnishing multifunctional areas and rooms such as classrooms, auditoriums and so forth.

Our movable folding table can be used to create every possible setup and can be easily adjusted to create the desired amount of seating space.

Folding table side_02

The folding table can be fitted with a plain white plexiglass modesty panel. The panel is mounted to the table in such a way that it doesn’t form any obstacle when folding and nesting the tables.

Product information


Table range with compact design.

  • Application: folding tables can be used in multifunctional rooms and areas such as classrooms, offices, team workspaces, restaurants, canteens and so on.
  • The table can easily be folded and moved, making it easy to quickly convert or empty a room. A wheel with brake has been provided, ensuring the table won’t move once it’s been folded up and placed in storage.
  • Height: 74 cm including wheels.
  • Equipped with four wheels, including brake.
Options and accessories


  • Frame: epoxy, can optionally be chromed.
  • Table top: 18 mm melamine.
  • Swivel coupling (2 sets per table).
  • Front screen (hinged) opal white plexiglass.


  • CPU.
  • Plastic cable clamps.

Folding table is designed, developed and produced in Holland.

Made in Holland: Vepa distinguishes itself by producing everything in its own factories in the Netherlands. Our wood, steel plate, steel pipe, powder coat, wood spray, upholstery and final assembly department form a complete production line within one company.

LCA: By using independent life-cycle assessments (LCA) we create insight into the environmental impact of a product. By carrying out an LCA during the first stage of product development, following designs are easier to improve in a later stage. In addition, an LCA also provides insight into the most important factors that contribute to environmental damage. These factors are used as starting points for redesign or as focal points for improvement. The LCAs are executed in accordance with ISO 14044.


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