These ingenious lamps, which get their shape from the barnacles found living on a whale’s skin, are made from pressed PET felt, made from PET-bottles. Ideal for above the boardroom table ‘Whale’ or as decoration on the wall. The lamps can be used separately or as a stunning installation, to create exactly the lighting effect you’re looking for.


Product specifications

  • the ‘Barnacle’ lamp is available as a single lamp or a series of lamps for ceiling and wall fitment
  • the lampshade is available in dark and light grey PET felt
  • the lamps are made from 4 mm thick PET felt
  • 8,3 PET bottles are used in ‘Barnacle’ lamp small and 16,6 PET bottles are used in ‘Barnacle’ lamp tall
  • the ceiling and wall and configurations are made of a MDF-panel (PEFC certified) with 5 or 9 lamps
  • lamp small – height: 152 mm, width: 237 mm and depth: 266 mm
  • lamp tall – height: 234 mm, width: 357 mm en depth: 411 mm
  • the lampshade is cut from one single piece of PET felt, ensuring no leftover material during production
  • the lampshade is mounted on a sheet steel cover plate, to which the lamp holder and a cable is mounted
  • colour of the steel sheet is copper
  • we advise energy-efficient LED lighting
  • the lighting meets the legal CE marking
  • design: LAMA concept



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Building on our success in the Netherlands, the Plastic Whale Foundation aims to have a wider positive impact through partnerships. We have started working with local partners in the developing world to collect and recycle plastic waste. This creates local jobs with decent pay and work conditions, and helps reduce the amount of plastic on landfill sites.

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