Problem or opportunity?

Stop talking. Let’s start doing! In this spirit, Vepa and Plastic Whale are joining forces to take action against the plastic problem. Plastic soup is a growing global problem. Plastic waste is increasingly polluting the waters of the world, with disastrous consequences. No less than 80% of all the waste in the ocean is made from plastic. More than 8 billion kilos annually. Animals living in and near water get trapped in plastic waste or choke on it. On top of that, plastic breaks down into very small particles that are ingested by fish and other organisms such as mussels and oysters. These particles become part of the food chain and end up on our plate.

Creating value from waste

Together with Plastic Whale we have launched Plastic Whale by Vepa. High-end office furniture made from Amsterdam Canal plastic. What’s so special about the collection is that the most important resource for the furniture is fished up from the canals by Plastic Whale itself. More than 150.000 PET bottles to date have been fished up and are being recycled into quality products such as high-end designer boats and now, office furniture. For more information on plastic fishing go to

plastic whale by vepa


We create economical value from plastic waste with the engagement of as many people as possible. The PET bottles we fish from the canals are washed and shredded. These shreds are then made into granules. Granules are the basis of the PET felt and PET foam that we process in this collection. Not only the waste of others, our own waste is also incorporated in the collection. The base of the chair, for instance, is made from our own steel waste.

The premium collection

The premium collection features a boardroom table, a chair, lamps and acoustic panels. Inspired by the whale, LAMA Concept designed a collection in which circularity is central. Plastic soup is one of the biggest threats facing this fascinating animal. Distinguishing elements of the whale have been incorporated into the designs, such as the look and feel of the characteristic skin, the fat tissue and the impressive skeleton.


Launching partners Plastic Whale by Vepa


The more people are involved in the initiative, the more impact we can make.
Are you interested in buying a piece of furniture, or would you like to know more about, for example, the technical development?
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Join the mission

Plastic Whale by Vepa is for every company that wants to give substance to its sustainability targets. Together, we want and can make a global impact. Part of the profit of our collection is invested in local projects that deal with the plastic problem in places where it’s needed the most. Building on our success in the Netherlands, we aim to have a wider positive impact through partnerships. We have started working with local partners in the developing world to collect and recycle plastic waste. This creates local jobs with decent pay and work conditions and helps reduce the amount of plastic on landfill sites.

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