We are a family business

Vepa is a family business with six shareholder-families, focused on continuity, innovation and sustainability, with an eye on the future and therefore stable, growing and financially healthy.

The vision and method of the board is sober and stubborn. That means innovating and investing where possible, especially when times are tough. That way of thinking influences the entire organisation. The people at Vepa are characterised by cooperation and a proactive attitude. It is only logical that they should also share in the profit.

Today, Vepa is one of the leading furniture manufacturers in the Netherlands, also active in Belgium and Germany and all products are made by the best people and the most modern machinery in the Netherlands.

“100% made in Holland” and we are proud of it.

Part of something bigger

Vepa is part of the VDB Group. A strong group of Dutch manufacturers of office and project furniture with a total of more than 400 employees in four production locations in the Dutch cities of Emmen, Hoogeveen, Wijchen and Breda and one production location in Telford (UK). In addition to Vepa, the group consists of the following companies:

  • Be by Bèta
  • De Lockerfabriek
  • Dentea Office Furniture
  • EromesMarko, educational environments
  • Nice Price Office
  • Zooi, accessories from residual materials
  • Nomique (UK)
  • Facility Express

Vepa supports



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